The Story

The old Camden Park State Bank has gone unnoticed for years, a place that use to hold a bank, mortuary, boxing gym, sauna, nail/hair salon, barbershop, retails stores, restaurant and ballroom event space; over the years has transitioned to a rat infested, dumping ground, for the homeless to lay their heads at night.

Like many other places in North Minneapolis, it was a space that had potential to be an asset, but for the most part had become an eye sore and a wasted gem for the community. 

So what happens when black led genius meets opportunity and potential, we foster the ingenuity of our ancestors, we change the narrative, and we fuel Black futurism.

We envision the beginning of a black business ecosystem in North Minneapolis.  

This building divinely placed in CamdenTown, a space in a place dedicated to cultivating black joy, black culture, black excellence and black ownership.  

The Camden Park State Bank, identified now as, the "Northside Epicenter" is another building block added to the already valuable projects being erected in the North Minneapolis community by Black Developers.  The small black owned businesses will be hand picked to bring in products and services that are reflective of our community, while simultaneously creating opportunity for ownership and power for black members of the community. 

The overall mission and vision is to bridge the gap for small businesses that are looking to scale, build wealth for their families and contribute to the economic vitality of North Minneapolis. 

In addition to the small businesses that are housed at the Northside Epicenter, the event center space, which has affectionately been called the "Ballroom" in the past, will return.  It will be reinvented to exude an upscale, elegant, yet comfortable, co-working and event center space.  It will be a membership only space dedicated to Black Professionals.